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Handover tester MH3800


The MH3800 is a total system that can easily perform handover (handoff) evaluation of wireless communication equipment and actual operation test of "fallback (reduction of transmission speed)" due to distance attenuation in actual environment.

The handover means that a mobile station such as mobile phone and wireless LAN terminal switches a base station or access point communicating with it to another one while moving. In cellular phone and wireless LAN adopting the cell system, if the radio wave from the base station or access point weakens when the terminal moves to the cell boundary or due to other reasons, the communication won't be performed as it is. Therefore, when the radio wave weakens, the communication target is switched to a base station or access point with strong radio wave which is another cell.

The radio wave of wireless communication changes variously while it passes through air. It is necessary to carefully consider whether the wireless communication device operates correctly or how it behaves in response to that change. The MH 3800 is a system that combines high-speed programmable attenuator MAT 800/810, anechoic box and attenuation data creation & control software, and is the optimal configuration to simulate the change of radio wave in air.

This system leads to quantifying the test environment, long run (aging) test and reduction of the verification time by automating the test.
The test system enables 8 paths as standard and maximum 64 paths (controls 64 units of MAT 800/810 at once).

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Expected tests and benefits

  • Handover (handoff) evaluation

    The strength of the radio wave when the mobile terminal moves closer or farther towards multiple base stations or access points can be simulated, and then the handover is caused. The attenuation scenario can be synchronously controlled up to 64 channels.

  • Fallback operation test (decrease in transmission speed)

    The attenuation amount according to the distance to the cell can be switched continuously and without 1/4 interruption. The high-speed programmable attenuator MAT 800/810 is an electronic variable attenuator and has a very fast switching speed of 2 μs. Therefore it can simulate the transient phenomena such as shadowing.

  • Long-run (aging) test

    By automating the repetitive tests in the same scenario, the efficiency and time of test will be improved. A continuous durability test in day and night can be also done by uninhabited.

  • High versatile and scalable system

    If it is used within the frequency range from 300 MHz to 13.5 GHz, there is no need to worry about communication standards. The equipment doesn’ t become obsolete, and also is excellent in versatility and scalability.
    ※The frequency range depends on which of the six models of MAT 800 A / B / C / D / E and MAT 810 is used.

  • Simple scenario creation and control

    The attenuation data creation & control software MAS 801 enables to create and control scenarios with intuitive operation. Moreover, the attenuation data during executing scenario can be monitored.

Actual image,Simulation

It simulates the attenuation process of radio wave in which the communication of mobile terminal transfers from base station A to base station B.
Since MH3800 only simulates the communication environment, the evaluation of actual communication quality such as throughput measurement and packet capture needs an evaluation software such as iperf and Wireshark.

  • About high-speed programmable attenuator MAT 800/810
    This doesn't generate chattering or spikes when switching attenuator because of an electronic variable attenuator unlike a general mechanical attenuator.
    Seamless and continuous attenuation without instantaneous interruption can be obtained, and fine attenuation step (0.05 dB minimum) can be set, so that highly accurate wireless simulation is possible.
  • About anechoic box (shield box)
    This blocks radio waves flying around and also does not leak radio waves emitted in the box to outside.
    OTA (Over-The-Air) performance test can be accomplished correctly in a stable environment without interference waves.

Target market

  • Keywords

    Cellular phone (2G, GSM, 3G, CDMA, 4G, LTE, WiMAX, 5G and etc.), Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, RFID, Wi-SUN, UWB, ETC 2.0, DSRC, M2M, Sensor, Wearable, Satellite communication and etc.

  • Applied frequency

    300MHz to 13.5GHz (depend on the model of programmable attenuator)

Communication element technology R&D, Wireless module development & manufacturing, Finished product quality evaluation, Interoperability verification.

Attenuation data creation & control software

  • Main screen

    The scenario is read out and executed.

    main screen
  • Attenuation data creation screen

    Set time and attenuation, and create a scenario.

    main screen

Product Lineup

High-speed programmable attenuator

Model Frequency range Maximum attenuation Maximum input
MAT800A 1.5 to 4.5GHz 80dB 100mW
MAT800B 3.0 to 9.0GHz
MAT800C 4.5 to 13.5GHz
MAT800D 1.95 to 5.85GHz
MAT800E 0.75 to 2.25GHz
MAT810 0.3 to 6.6GHz 60dB 25mW

Anechoic box

  Model   Outside dimensions
(W,H,D mm)
  Inside dimensions
(W,H,D mm)
MY1510 380×165×380 315×100×315 70dB typ@2.4GHz  
MY1515 465×214×465 400×150×400 70dB typ@2.4GHz with fan
MY1520 520×520×520 460×460×460 70dB typ@2.4GHz  
MY1520SW 520×520×520 460×460×460 70dB typ@2.4GHz with shield window
MY1525 460×570×582 340×340×400 90dB typ@2.4GHz with fan
MY1530 1120×705×620 1000×500×500 70dB typ@2.4GHz  

※Please contact us for details of specifications.

System configuration example

  • Handover in two paths of the wireless LAN (two access points and one client)
main screen
Product name Model Quantity
High-speed programmable attenuator MAT800D 2
Attenuation data creation & control software and Trigger box MAS801 1
 └ BNC cable MC314-1M 2
 └ USB-RS232C cable   2
Anechoic box MY1525 3
 └ IF module IFM10 3

※This configuration does not include coaxial cable, antenna, PC, access point, client and engineering cost.

※Please contact us for details and combination of the system.

※MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make a change in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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※MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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Measuring system

Handover tester MH3800

Total system that can easily perform handover (handoff) evaluation of wireless communication equipment and actual operation test of "fallback (reduction of transmission speed)" due to distance attenuation in actual environment.


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Main product Line Up
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