US Distributor Wanted

We are looking for the US distributor in the North American market on the following conditions.


Place of applicants USA
Territory USA and Canada
Handling products All products excepting a part of spectrum analyzers
(excepting MSA438, 458, 438TG, 538, 558 and 538TG)
Knowledge& Skill The distributor should have knowledge and skill to sell the following products and be familiar with wireless communication field.
  1. Spectrum analyzer
  2. Electromagnetic anechoic box
  3. EMC test system
  4. Variable attenuator
  5. Signal generator
Service Such services as repair and maintenance of the products should be basically performed by the distributor.
However, we shall furnish the distributor technical information and materials for service including circuit diagrams, trouble shooting chart, adjustment & inspection procedure manual, block diagram, parts list and specification sheet in English without charge.
Product stock No need.

Katsuaki Tanaka / President


Refer to our website http://www.micronix-jp.com/english/ for detailed company information and products.

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