CATV line quality test

Test and evaluate the quarity of CATV in-building line at installation or in operation.
  Seek easily and fast fail points which can't be found by BER/MER monitoring.


The test and evaluation of cable lines for in-building CATV system is crucial because of the big concern on interference of confluent noise and hindrance signal of re-broadcasted or upward signal for Internet. Not only at the installation but also during operation, either BER or MER test is not enough to identify failure points in the lines specifically. Only evaluation of lines as an RF signal path gives us the way to specify the problems and solve them smoothly and quickly.

Spectrum analyzer enables us to measure the frequency characteristics and noise, and this can identify the cause of the problems, such as loose contact of connectors and failure of amplifie

Micronics MSA400 series is a genuine, lightweight and convenient spectrum analyzer for on-site use, and gives you and your customers concrete benefits.


Figure:CATV line quality test

[System configuration]

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA438
MB400 Lithium-ion Battery
MA308 50/75ohm traslation adaptor
MA304 75ohm F-type adaptor
Noise measurement option for CATV
Signal generator SG

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