Relationship between radiated EMI measurable lower level and antenna gain

Lower levels of radiated EMI noise can be measured by using a high gain antenna.


By using a high gain antenna, lower levels of noise can be measured in radiated EMI (emission) measurements.


Measurement examples with Handheld signal analyzer MSA538E + PC software for EMI MAS530 are shown.
Antenna MAN150B and MAN150 that have different gain were used in the measuerments.
We input a weak noise-level signal of 50 MHz and compared the peak of it (upper).
The measurement results without signal input are also shown to compare the noise floor (bottom).


☆The MAN150B (Large gain) has a lower noise floor so you can clearly see the 50 MHz peak.

[System configuration]

System configuration

Biconical Antenna MAN150
Stand for MAN150
Handheld signal analyzer MSA538E
Coaxial Cable ( SMAP/SMAP 4m ) MC203
Adapter ( NP/SMAJ ) MA306
PC software for EMI MAS530
Communication Cable USB cable MI400

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