OTA test solution in IoT

OTA test solution in IoT - Throughput test -


The era of IoT (Internet of Things) where various "things" are connected to the network has come, and "things" such as many electronic devices, machines and others are connected to the network using wireless communication.

Since the IoT devices (things) is diversified, OTA (Over the Air) test is required to evaluate the radio performance.In the OTA test, since these "things" are connected by radio, it is required electromagnetically independent space (shield environment) that doesn't affect the existing radio environment and are not affected by the existing radio environment.

We will provide a system that combines electronic programmable attenuator and anechoic box (shield box) as the OTA test solution corresponding to various wireless communication standards such as WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular phone.



[System configuration]

Programmable attenuator
Electromagnetic anechoic box
Software for making attenuation program & Trigger box

*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

[Products introduction]


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