Checking magnetic field emission noise of LED luminaire at 3-axis using loop antenna easily

Checking the radiated noise characteristics of LED luminaire at three axes of X-Y-Z easily.
  Since effect of measures can be immediately estimated by easy measurement, development period is shortened and cost is reduced.


Recently, LED luminaire has been spread rapidly but the noise radiated from built-in AC-DC converter causes problems. For this reason, Electrical Appliances and Material Act will be applied to it in Japan. Method of measuring the noise at 3-axis using loop antenna is defined in CISPR and moreover will be followed in Electrical Appliances and Material Act, but it is difficult to check the effect of measures immediately since equipment cost is very expensive. With our system combining handheld spectrum analyzer with loop antenna, the magnetic field radiation noise characteristics can be checked at 3-axis easily and by inexpensive cost.

This is not a formal evaluation system for obtaining certification. However, the effect of measures can be immediately confirmed since it is possible to check the existence of unnecessary noise and frequency characteristics simply. As a result, development period is shortened and development cost is reduced.


[System configuration]

3.3GHzSpectrum Analyzer [MSA438]
Dedicated battery [MB400]
Loop antenna [MAN120)]
Connection cables

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