MR2300 Precompliance EMI test system

Precompliance EMI test system


Generally, much waiting time and cost are needed in a formal EMI test using the anechoic chamber.

MR2300 focuses on being used to solve the problem in advance <<Precompliance>>and reducing the number of times of formal test to one or two times. The example of data that uses the personal computer for EUT has been described in this sheet.

*Conformity to CISPR11,CISPR22,EN55011,EN55022,CCI(classA/B),FCC part15


  1. Radiated emission noise measurement can be performed by using the anechoic box (MY5310/MY5410) and a broadband antenna (MAN101/MAN102).
  2. Conducted emission noise measurement can be performed by using the LISN (MPW201:Line Impedance Stabilization Network).
  3. The source of the emission noise can be found by using a magnetic field probe CP-2S(option) and measuring the magnetic field on the PCB(printed circuit board).

*The automatic measurement is possible by using PC software MAS430/MAS230.

Figure: Ex.) Using PC software MAS430/MAS230.

*In the comparison with the anechoic chamber, it is understood that each data of the peak values are correlative.

Figure:In the comparison with the anechoic chamber

[System configuration]

Pre-compliance EMI test system MR2300
 Electromagnetic anechoic box MY5310 type
 Electromagnetic anechoic box MY5310S type
 Electromagnetic anechoic box MY5410 type

*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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