How to prevent erroneous measurement due to the saturation of the spectrum analyzer

How to prevent erroneous measurement due to the higher power input signal out of measurement band.


When the input signal power is higher than the proper level for 1st mixer, harmonics distortion and spurious are generated.

Even if the higher power input signal is out of measurement band, it becomes erroneous measurements.


The saturation of 1st mixer can be prevented by inserting a coaxial attenuator or a filter in the input of a spectrum analyzer.

These are the results of measuring the 200kHz interval signal of comb generator with or without a coaxial attenuator.

Graph:The results of measuring  with or without an attenuator.

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Signal analyzer [MSA500 series], Spectrum Analyzer [MSA300 series], [MSA400 series]
Coaxial attenuator , Filter

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