Radiated emission measures with signal analyzer

Searching noise source using a real time function of handheld signal analyzer


In order to deal with EMI, it is essential to specify the frequency and location of radiated noise. When measuring with a sp ect rum analyzer of sweep system, the time loss will occur because burst noise may be missed. By using our handheld signal analyzer MSA500 series, more accurate noise measurement becomes possible and working efficiency can be improved.


Flow to measure noise generated on a printed circuit board using a signal analyzer
Figure:Connection block diagram

[System configuration]

Handheld signal analyzer[MSA538E] x 1
Lithium-ion battery [MB400] x 1
N => SMAcoaxial cable1.5m x 1
Small Loop antenna (One pair of large and small) x 1
Magnetic field probe [CP-2SA] x 1

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