Wireless LAN solution

Survey before installation of access point using handheld spectrum analyzer (wireless LAN)


When the access point is installed, the radio wave condition of wireless LAN is observed by using an attached software. However, the influence of devices such as Bluetooth, microwave oven and cordless phone, that cause the interference, cannot be observed by this tool.

Then, both radio wave conditions of wireless LAN and another device can be measured by using a spectrum analyzer, so that the access point can be installed at an appropriate place and channel.

Though our spectrum analyzer is very low in price, it enables the wide band measurement of the radio wave condition because of covering the frequency range from 50KHz to 8.5GHz including 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band of wireless LAN. Moreover, this spectrum analyzer is very effective for the check of the access point condition in / outdoors, or for the troubleshooting after installation. Because it is compact, light weight, and also poisible battery operation.


The radio wave condition in the floor is measured before and after installing and in case of communication trouble.

The logging software enables to record the data ander uninhabited condition for a long time.
This is optimum for watching an abnormal signal at night and recording the data under uninhabited condition for a long time.

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