Antenna radiation pattern measurement system

System for measuring the antenna radiation pattern and gain of a small antenna using anechoic box.


By installing the optional 2-axis positioner, this system enables the spherical radiation power measurement.

This system is inexpensive and easy to install compared with an anechoic room.


System image

Figure:System image

Anechoic box/specification example

Item Specifications
Inside dimensions approx. 2000(W) x 1200(D) x 1100(H) mm
Radio wave absorber 8inch (20cm)
Frequency band 600MHz to 6GH
Photo:Electromagnetic anechoic box

Automatic measurement software/specification example
By installing 2-axis positioner in an anechoic box, the three-dimensional radiation pattern can be easily measured.

[System configuration]

Large anechoic box (with polarization change mechanism & radio wave absorber)
2-axis positioner (positioner controller)
Receiving antenna (Biconical/Log periodic)
Signal analyzer(for receiving)
Automatic measurement software
Calibration kit (standard signal generator / measuring antenna / rotary connector)
RF cable

*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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