Shielding characteristics comparison of anechoic box

The comparison data of the shielding characteristics of MY1510 and another overseas anechoic box is shown below.


The interface such as AC power supply, LAN and USB terminal for connecting EUT equipment is essential for anechoic box. When selecting an anechoic box, one of specifications is a shielding effectiveness. And when comparing this shielding effectiveness, it is an important point that it includes an interface. In fact, it is not an overstatement to say that the shielding effectiveness of an interface part determines the shielding performance of whole of an anechoic box.

The shielding characteristics of MY1510 (+IFM-1) and a product of another overseas company ("A"company) are compared in this application note. Our anechoic box provides the stable shield performance although including the interface.


(The difference of electric field strength between in the open space and in the anechoic box using the same two antennas is defined as the shielding effectiveness.)

[System configuration]

Electromagnetic anechoic box [MY1510] x 1
Interface module [IFM-1]
[AC power supply(1)+D-sub 9pins(1)+LAN(1)+USB(1)]
x 1

*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

[Products introduction]


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