Solution of radio wave interference

Using spectrum analyzer, it enables to measure obstacles to digital terrestrial broadcasting and interference in wireless devices.


If high rise building is built in the radio wave arrival direction, shade of buildings is affected by block noise due to the shortage of signal level. In the case building is large like high rise apartment or office building, interference area generally becomes wider.

In other cases, when a number of wireless devices are used on the same channel or adjacent channel, the channel interference causes serious degradation of singnal or noise.

Micronix handheld spectrum analyzer is very inexpensive. And it enables to measure in a wide frequency range from 50KHz to 8.5GHz which includes digital terrestrial broadcasting band〔440-770MHz〕and wireless devices band〔600-820MHz〕.

Morever, as our spectrum analyzer is compact, lightweight and baterry drive, it is suited for field use.


①Radio wave interference of digital terrestrial broadcasting ②Measures against interference in wireless devices

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