Measures against radiated immunity test using electric field probe

Pre-compliance EMS(immunity) testing


Instead of carrying an equipment to be measured (EUT) to the EMC test site and accomplishing the immunity test many times, it is possible to perform a disturbance wave test easily.

Operate a dedicated program and measure the electric field strength of disturbance radio waves.

Follow the on - screen instructions on the GUI and measure the target area (max. 4) with the electric field probe.

The calibration data with high degree of freedom is automatically created while changing the position of the probe in order to improve the test accuracy.


Install an electric field probe on the EUT installation stage in the anechoic box. The calibration data is automatically created by the test software according to the size of EUT.

  1. Install an electric field probe at an arbitrary position on the stage.
  2. Align it on the EUT face facing the antenna, and measure the electric field strength (max. 4 places).
  3. Record the calibration data of each position according to the target frequency range.
  4. Install the calibration data in test software and start EMS precompliance test.
Pre-compliance EMS(immunity) testing

[System configuration]

[Basic configuration]
Electromagnetic anechoic box
Log PeriodicAntenna
Electric field probe
Power Amplifier ( until 1GHz )
Signal generator ( until 1GHz )
PC / Immunity test software
EUT camera monitor
Log PeriodicAntenna
Power Amplifier ( more than 1GHz *negotiable)
Signal generator ( more than 1GHz *negotiable)
RF Selector
Interlock mechanism

*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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