Simple measurement for technical standards conformity certification test

Characteristics test of a wireless communication equipment (transmission edition)


It is possible to achieve in a simple way the transmission characteristic test for attestation or approval acquisition of each country, such as technical standards conformity certification.


➀ How to test equipment with antenna connector
By connecting spectrum analyzer or power meter to the antenna terminal of the EUT, each item in the transmission characteristics tests can be evaluated. By using a shield box at this time, it is possible to prevent from the influence of external radio wave on the EUT.

  1. Frequency deviation
  2. Occupied bandwidth
  3. Spurious radiation strength
  4. Transmission power
  5. Adjucent channel leakage power
  6. Carrier off leakage power
Figure:Connection example[ How to test equipment with antenna connector]

➁ How to test equipment with built-in antenna

Figure:Connection example[How to test equipment with built-in antenna]

[System configuration]

Configuration example of ➀
Spectrum Analyzer[MSA458]
Shield box[MY1520N]
I/F module[IFM1]
Other:cable, adapter and etc.
Configuration example of ➁
Spectrum Analyzer[MSA458]
Electromagnetic anechoic box[MY1530]
I/F module[IFM1]
Turntable for MY1530 [MT103]
Other:cable, adapter and etc.

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[Products introduction]


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