Conducted EMI Test System MR2150

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    • Pre-compliance test system for conducted EMI.
    • The development cost can be significantly reduced by debugging and evaluating EUT using this system before testing in the formal EMC site.


  1. Pre-compliance test system with superior cost performance
  2. Operating stability and usability of this system are fully confirmed because all of components consisting of spectrum/signal analyzer, LISN and PC software have been developed by ourselves. Additionally, each price of those pieces is very reasonable. EMI test environment with superior cost performance is offered.

  3. Spectrum/signal analyzer
  4. Spectrum/signal analyzer can be selected according on budgets and performance / function.

  5. High efficiency EMI test by rich software functions
  6. PC software for EMI can correct insertion loss of LISN and cable.

    Also, in the auto-sequence mode, PK(peak) over specified level is picked up in wide band and then QP(quasi peak) and AV(average) of chosen spectra are precisely measured in narrow band.

    Therefore, the mesuring time is greatly shortened.

  7. The most inexpensive LISN with good portability
  8. Our LISN is the most inexpensive although it is equipped with a built-in transient limiter and is more portable, compact and lightweight than others.

    Good portability of the LISN and MSA series provides better EMI test environment in a limited space.

Test example

EMI test example of a sample EUT(switching power supply)

The test results of MR2150(MSA558E, MPW201B) in a non-shielded laboratory and a compliance system at a formal EMC site are shown below.

Graph : Comparison of EMI test results by MR2150 and compliance system


The differences of QP and AV at the noise peak between the two systems are only within ±3 dB or ±4 dB as shown in figures.

Therefore, finding the source of noise and solving the problems using MR2150 before formal test will reduce the total EMI test cost.

Test scene(image)

Graph : Test scenery by MR 2150 (simulation)


*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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