EMC test system Option

Lineup of options used in EMC test system such as Magnetic field probe and Antenna.

Line Impedance Stabilization Network(LISN) MPW201B

  • Line Impedance Stabilization Network(LISN) MPW201B

    Line Impedance Stabilization Network(LISN) MPW201B

    Our LISN is the most inexpensive although it is equipped with a built-in transient limiter and is more portable, compact and lightweight than others.
    Good portability of the LISN and MSA series provides better EMI test environment in a limited space.

Electric Turn table (Factory option) MT106

  • Photo:Electric Turn table (Factory option) MT106

    Electric Turn table (Factory option) MT106


    This option is an electric turntable of 220mm in diameter and 15kg in load. And this is controlled by the PC.
    This can be installed only in the anechoic box MY5310 / 5310S .

Magnetic Field Probe

Magnetic Field Probe MMP500

  • photo:Magnetic Field Probe MMP500Magnetic Field Probe MMP500

    Conducted disturbance noise measurement up to 9kHz low frequency.
    Using this measurement system, it is possible to measure the conducted disturbance noise of the power supply line without electrical contact and without using LISN. In addition, the disturbance noise on PCB can be measured without contact. Optimum for measuring power electronics equipment used in such as automotive industry.

    Frequency range 9kHz to 100MHz
    Maximum measurement level 117dBμV
    Applied model MSA538E, MSA558E

Magnetic Field Probe CP-2S

  • Photo:Magnetic Field Probe CP-2SA

    The CP-2SA is used to measure the noise on a print circuit board connecting to the spectrum analyzer for EMI MSA338E/MSA438E/MSA538E/MSA558E.

    Frequency range 10MHz to 3GHz
    Space resolution approx.0.25mm(depending on objects)
    Applied model MSA300/400/500 Series


Loop antenna MAN120

  • Photo:Loop antenna MAN120

    Loop antenna MAN120

    Antenna suitable for detection of low frequency signal and noise.

    Frequency range 50kHz to 33MHz
    Connectors N(P)
    Impedance 50Ω
    Dimensions 420(φ)×13(T)mm
    Weight 1.2kg

Biconical Antenna MAN150

  • Photo:Biconical Antenna MAN150

    Biconical Antenna MAN150

    Broadband, compact and lightweight antenna with frequency band from 20MHz to 3GHz.

    Frequency range 20MHz to 3GHz
    Connectors SMA(J)
    Gain -45 to +1dBi
    Antenna factor 20 to 51dB/m
    Dimensions 350(L)×160(W)×140(D)mm
    Weight approx.350g

Low noise amplifier

Low noise amplifier MAP301

  • Photo:Low noise amplifier MAP301

    Low noise amplifier MAP301

    Capable of emission noise measurement of CISPR25 in combination with loop antenna MAN120.

    Frequency range 100kHz to 500MHz

Low noise amplifier MAP302

  • Photo:Low noise amplifier MAP302

    Low noise amplifier MAP302

    Capable of both emission noise measurements of horizontal and vertical polarization in combination with biconical antenna MAN150.

    Frequency range 20MHz to 3GHz

Power amplifier

Power amplifier MAP202

  • Photo:Power amplifier MAP202

    Power amplifier MAP202 Gain approx.45dB, Frequency range30 to 1000MHz. 20W Power amplifier.

    Frequency range 30 to 1000MHz

EUT camera monitor

EUT camera monitor MEC235

  • Photo:EUT camera monitor MEC235

    The malfunction of the EUT by the electromagnetic radiation can be observed by a camera put in the anechoic box. The image is displayed on the PC screen.

*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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