Line Impedance Stabilization Network(LISN) MPW201B

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    Line Impedance Stabilization network(LISN) MPW201Bdownload

    • LISN is necessary to perform stably and reproducible disturbance noise measurement.
    • The impedance of the power source observed from EUT side is made constant by inserting LISN in the power supply line.

EMI conducted emission measurement

When the conducted emission discharged through the power supply line is measured, the measured value is influenced from the impedance of the power source.

The noise level is measured low if the impedance is low, and it is measured high if oppositely high. With this, there are neither universality nor reliability in the measured value.

Then, to measure the disturbance noise with stability and reproducibility, the impedance of the power source should be made constant.

The impedance of the power source observed from EUT side is made constant by inserting the line impedance stabilization network (LISN) in the power supply line. However, the impedance of power supply line has the frequency characteristics but the impedance curve is provided by CISPR.


Figure:LISN equivalent circuit

Confirmity to CISPR16-1

The circuit of MPW201 adopts <50Ω/50μH and V type> based on CISPR16-1. The frequency range is from 150kHz to 30MHz, and the conditions of power supply are single phase, maximum voltage 250VAC, rated current 15A and 50/60Hz.

As shown in the equivalent circuit, the disturbance noise discharged from EUT is led to a transient limiter with 50Ω input through a high pass filter of cutoff frequency 33kHz composed of a capacitor (0.1μF) and resistors (50Ω//1kΩ), and then input to Spectrum analyzer MSA338E.

The disturbance noise can be measured at both terminals of L1 and N, but a high voltage transient pulse may be generated when switching the measurement line. To protect the spectrum analyzer from this pulse, a transient limiter composed of 4dB attenuator and diodes is built in. The gain correction of 4dB attenuator is automatically done in MSA338E.


Frequency range 150kHz to 30MHz
Circuit type 50Ω/50μH and V type based on CISPR16-1
Impedance accuracy ±20%
Number of phase Single
Max. power supply voltage 250VAC
Rated current 15A
Power supply frequency 50/60Hz
RF Connectors BNC female
Transient limiter Built-in
Operating temperature 0 to 40℃(Guaranteed at 23±10℃)
Dimensions 250(W)×133(H)×230(D)mm
Weight approx.2.8kg

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