ETC automatic inspection system ME8500

  • Photo:Automatic inspection system ME8500
    • This inspection system was developed for ETC 's OBE and RSU production lines and inspection lines.
    • To be able of conducting radio system test and dynamic operation test (power profile test) automatically.
    • To be able of testing equipment itself and PCB mounting RF circuit.


  1. Test item

    Wireless system test Dynamic operation test
    1. Power source voltage / current
    2. Deviation of antenna power
    3. Frequency deviation
    4. Strength of spurious emission
    5. Tolerance of occupied frequency bandwidth
    6. Carrier off leakage power
    7. Modulation factor
    8. Adjacent channel leakage power
    9. Transmission opening eye ratio
    10. Signal transmission speed
    11. The allowable deviation of transmission output absolute time
    12. Receiving sensitivity
    13. Selectivity of adjacent wave
    14. Spurious response
    15. Strength of radio wave emitted secondarily

    Item 1 of "power source voltage and current" is the measurement of DC supply voltage and current that are supplied to an OBE equipment, an OBE radio part PCB or a RSU radio part PCB.

      Usual run test

    1. Ideal pattern-OBE maximum input
    2. Ideal pattern-OBE minimum input
    3. Real pattern A
    4. Real pattern B
    5. Adjacent lane run pattern
    6. Shadow wing patternLow-speed run test
    7. Low-Speed run pattern

    8. Ideal pattern-OBE maximum input
    9. Ideal pattern-OBE minimum input
    10. Real pattern A
    11. Real pattern B
    12. Adjacent lane run pattern
    13. Shadow wing patternHigh-speed run test
    14. High-Speed run pattern

    15. Ideal pattern-OBE maximum input
    16. Ideal pattern-OBE minimum input
    17. Real pattern A
    18. Real pattern B
    19. Adjacent lane run pattern
    20. Shadow wing pattern
  3. Troublesome work of relocation of cable connection is unnecessary
  4. In a wireless system test, it is an extremely troublesome work to change connection of measuring instruments for each test item, as many measuring instruments are used.

    With ETC automatic inspection system ME8500, measuring instruments and OBE or RSU signal are switched automatically by microwave signal switching equipment ME8530, signal switching and frequency counter ME8540 and connection and power source controller ME8580.

    Furthermore, correction to insertion losses of components such as the microwave coaxial cable and switch is also executed, and more accurate test results can be obtained.

  5. System composition
  6. ASK standard signal generator
    *Discontinued product.
    Microwave signal switching equipment
    *Discontinued product.
    Operation control equipment
    Compact shielding box
    500MS / s digitizer


*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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