ETC inspection system for OBE production ME8600

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    • This is a low cost version automatic test system developed for OBE (on Board Equipment) production lines.
    • It is also good for wireless system tests, protocol tests, dynamic operation tests and communication tests.


  1. All the tests during production of OBE can be conducted.
    • Wireless system test (receiving sensitivity and burst BER measurement in options are included, and it is 12 items.)
    • Protocol test (basic operation test of ARIB)
    • Dynamic operation test
    • Communication test
  2. All the tests are conducted automatically.
  3. Set an OBE in the small-size shielding box ME8661A and click [Test start] on the host computer. All the test items are executed automatically without human intervention.

  4. Test results are printed on an inspection sheet.
  5. Test results are printed on an inspection sheet of the user's specified format on termination of a test. The customer is requested to give us the specified format at the time of placement of an order. The expenses for creation of inspection sheets are included in the standard system price.

  6. More compact with rack accommodation.
  7. The equipment is accommodated in a rack of height 1080mm (including castors), except for the small-size shielding box ME8661A, host computer and printer.

  8. Low price
  9. Price reduction was materialized by development of RSU simulator in our company and also by narrowing wireless system test items to important ones only.

System composition

*Please refer to "Test system and optional".

Item Explanation of the contents
RSU simulator ME8610 Simple frame master RSU and ASK standard signal generator
Control and measurement equipment ME8620 Detector, Digitizer, Frequency counter, Microwave signal switching equipment
[Optional ]BER measuring circuit, Programmable attenuator
Power meter Main frame ML2437A, Power sensor MA2472A
RF spectrum analyzer Main frame MS2665C, Standard crystal oscillator
Small-size shielding box ME8661A Shielding box for free space measurement
Microwave coaxial cable (3m) Maximum frequency : 18.5Hz
CoaxialD-subCableC (3m) For connection of ME8620 and ME8661A.*1
Host computer With GP-IB board
A4 printer The test result printed out on A4 paper
Software MAS860 Basic test software.
Option A Receiving sensitivity test
Option B Burst BER measurement
Option C Communication test (R / W)
Option E Dynamic operation test

[*1]Signal of coaxial D-sub connector

Coaxial D-sub connector consists of 7 coaxial lines and 17 single lines.

Test item

Wireless system test Note
1. Deviation of antenna power Measure peak power
2. Frequency deviation  
3. Strength of spurious emission  
4. Tolerance of occupied frequency bandwidth  
5. Carrier off leakage power  
6. Modulation factor  
7. Adjacent channel leakage power  
8. Transmission opening eye ratio  
9. Signal transmission speed Measure TxC or "0" "1" modulation signal of OBE. *2
10. Receiving sensitivity [Optional A]Measure RxC and RxD of OBE. *3
11. Strength of radio wave emitted secondarily  
12. Burst BER measurement [OptionA]Measure RxC and RxD of OBE. *4

[*2]Selection of the signal source for signal transmission speed test.

One out of the following can be selected as the signal source for "signal transmission speed" test.

  1. "TxC" signal taken out of the OBE to be tested.
  2. Signal produced by waveform shaping after detection of output signal in the state where the output mode of the OBE to be tested is set at repeating of "0" and "1" ... There is a possibility of dispersion arising in measured values due to noise, if this signal source is used.

[*3]RxC and RxD for receiving sensitivity test

In a "receiving sensitivity" test it is necessary to take "RxC (receiving clock)" and "RxD (receiving data)" out of the OBE to be tested. If RxC and RxD cannot be taken out, a simple method to substitute the test with a communication test is available. Please contact us for such a method.

[*4]Connection of burst BER measurement

The method illustrated below using a circulator is the standard connection for burst BER measurement.


Wireless system test Note
1.Check of ACTC transmission Whether the operation is normal or not is displayed on the host computer.
2.Check of ACTC transmission stop-maximum number of transmission times
3.Check of ACTC transmission stop-ACPI
4.Check of ACTC transmission stop-FCMC entry
5.Receiving of BST
6.Transmission of VST
7.End procedure 1
8.End procedure 2
9.Transmission and receiving of data
10.Transmission and receiving of data-Continuance
11.Transmission and receiving of data-Duplicate reject function
12.Transmission and receiving of data- OBE resending function
13.Transmission and receiving of data-OBE resending demand function
14.WCNC transmission function
Communication test Note
R/W Test

[Optional C]

The sequence to write data (W) to the OB and to read it (R) is repeated.

Dynamic operation test Note
1.Usual run test

[Optional E]

2.Low-speed run test
3.High-speed run test

Concerning each above-mentioned test:

  1. Ideal pattern-OBE maximum input
  2. Ideal pattern-OBE minimum input
  3. Real pattern A
  4. Real pattern B
  5. Adjacent lane run pattern
  6. Shadow wing pattern
Signal name Kind of line Contents


Coaxial line Transmission clock. Signal for test of "signal transmission speed"
RxC " Receiving clock. Signal for test of "receiving sensitivity" and "burst BER measurement"
RxD " Receiving data. Signal for test of "receiving sensitivity " and "burst BER measurement"
  " Reserve
  " Reserve
  " Reserve
  " Reserve
OBE CONT-0 Signal line

Control signal for setup of OBE 's output mode.

* It is possible to change to the setup using RS-232C and reserved terminals may be used. (But additional expenses are required elsewhere.)

GND " Ground
GND " Ground
+5V "

Power supply for buffer circuits in ME8661A. And power supply for OBE under test .

(changing into 12V by DC-DC converter).

+5V "

Test system and optional

System name Hard addition Software name Functions

Automatic inspection system

MAS860 Wireless system test・Protocol test・Dynamic operation test・Communication test
Protocol and communication test system ME8607 MAS867 Protocol test・Communication test
Optional A MAS86A Receiving sensitivity
Optional B MAS86B Burst BER measurement
Optional C MAS86C Communication test(R/W)
Optional E MAS86E Dynamic operation test

ETC inspection system for OBE production ME8600

ETC inspection system for OBE production ME8600
Compact shielding box ME8661A
RSU simulator ME8610
Control and ewuipment ME8620


*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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