ETC/OBE inspection system in car production line ME8901

  • 写真:ETC/OBE inspection system in car production line ME8901

    ETC/OBE inspection system in car production line ME8901

    • This system is used for conducting tests after ETC OBE is installed in car.
    • It is optimum for a production line.

System diagram

System diagram

※The above is a typical example.


1.System configuration

The system consists of the following segments. Refer to "System diagram"

  1. DSRC antenna:ME9301 (Modified)
  2. Interface BOX:ME9302 (Modified)
  3. Dedicated IF cable:ME9303
  4. Start switch
  5. Switch cable(For connecting to the DI connector of modified ME9302)
  6. Lamp
  7. Lamp cable (For connecting to the DO connector of modified ME9302)

2.DSRC antenna (modified ME9301)

Performs a test by wirelessly communicating with ETC/OBE.

Wireless section Transmission frequency 5.795GHz(CH1), 5.805GHz(CH2)
Transmission power 0.6mW -50%/+20%
Modulation method ASK modulation
Communication standard ARIB STD-T75 compliant
Power supply Input voltage approx. 6.6VDC
Power consumption approx. 1.5W
Interface RS-422A compliant to connect with modified ME9302
Other Operating temperature -20 to 50℃
Dimensions 175Wx45Dx130H(mm)(excluding mounting bracket)
Weight approx. 1kg (including mounting bracket)
Water proof IP67 equivalent, suitable for outdoor installation

3.Interface BOX (modified ME9302)

Register and control a dedicated scenario in modified ME9302.

Interface RS-422A compliant to connect with modified ME9301
Power supply Input voltage approx. 9VDC (Using dedicated AC adaptor MA400. Input voltage from 100 to 240VAC.)
Power consumption approx. 3.5W (including power consumption of modified ME9301)
Operating LED
  • Normal : Low speed (0.5Hz) blinking
  • Stop : Off
  • Error : Solid
  • RSU carrier detection : High speed (2Hz) blinking
DI (digital input) Number of inputs 1
Input form Photo coupler
On-state voltage +9V (Supplied inside modified ME9302)
Input current at on-state approx. 4mA
DO (digital output) Number of outputs 2
Output form Photo MOS relay
Maximum load voltage 60V(AC,DC)
Max. continuous load current 210mA(150mA@50℃)
On resistance 2.3Ω(typ),4.0Ω(max)
Off leakage current 1μA(max)
Operating time 0.6ms typ., 2ms max @ only Photo MOS relay
Recovery time 0.06ms typ., 0.2ms max @ only Photo MOS relay
Other Operating temperature 0 to 50℃
Dimensions 240(W)x60(H)x210(D)mm
Weight approx. 1.6kg

4.Dedicated I/F cable ME9303

Length 25m (Optional up to 100m max.)


1.Test operation

Power is turned on by connecting each device and connecting the AC adapter of modified ME9302 to the power supply. After that, the scenario recorded internally is activated and the test can be started.
The test is started by pulling the start switch.

2.Lamp result

Pass Fail
Green Blinking for 5 seconds Off
Red Off Blinking for 5 seconds

3.Modified ME9302 LED


State Description
Solid Power ON
Off Power OFF


State Description Troubleshooting
Low speed (0.5Hz) blinking Normal
Solid Abnormal Check that the ME9303 is securely connected to the modified ME9301 and ME9302, and then turn on the power again.
High Speed (2Hz) blinking RSU carrier detection Check if another DSRC tester (RSU) is running in the test area.

Test contents


By input to DI1 from the start switch, CH1 (TX: 5.795GHz / RX: 5.835GHz) test start and then CH2 (TX: 5.805GHz / RX: 5.845GHz) test start continuously. The result is output to DO1 if it passes, and to DO2 if it fails.
If CH1 test fails, CH2 test will not start.




*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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