DSRC OBE Tester ME9100

  • Photo:DSRC OBE Tester ME9100

    DSRC OBE Tester ME9100 download

    • Supporting ETC and ITS spot.
    • Only mainframe without any connection cable.
    • Compact 138(W)×101(H)×30(D)mm and lightweight 250g.
    • Easy operation by one multi-directional switch.


  1. Necessary tool that check whether OBE installed on a car communicates.
  2. DSRC OBE tester ME9100 is a tester to check whether OBE installed on a car communicates in the air correctly.

    For an automobile dealer, a car accessories shop and a car repair factory installing OBE, ME9100 is a necessary tool to deliver a perfect OBE to their customers.

    The number of test times is possible about 500 times.

    figure:DSRC OBE Tester ME9100


*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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