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    • DSRC roadside system ME9300 is a system utilizing ETC used on highway as a private service.
    • ME9300 is capable of use for various applications by reading specific WCN for each ETC OBE(On-board equipment)
  • WCN(Wireless Call Number)
    WCN is a 12-digit unique number attached to each OBE. In other words, the vehicle can be dentified by WCN.
  • DSRC(Dedicated Short Range Communication)
    DSRC is the name of wireless communication technology. One application of DSRC technology is ETC used on highway.

System configuration

ME9300 system consists of DSRC antenna ME9301/ME9301V, Interface Box ME9302 and Dedicated I/F cable ME9303.

System configuration


  1. Various services to vehicles installing registered WCN will be provided.
  2. It communicates with the OBE installed in the vehicle to read WCN and it's checked whether the read WCN coincides with the registered WCN.
    Digital output DO is determined from digital input DI and coincidence/difference of WCN.

  3. Equipped with digital input DI and digital output DO.
  4. Input format of DI is photo coupler and output format of DO is photo MOS relay, and 6 inputs and 6 outputs are equipped with.

  5. Dedicated I/F cable of 100m maximum
  6. The length of Dedicated I/F cable ME9303 connected to DSRC antenna ME9301 is 100m maximum.

  7. Maximum number of WCN registrations of 160,000
  8. The maximum number of WCN registrations that can be registered in Interface Box ME9392 is 16,000.

  9. With preparatory function for providing various services
  10. With ME9300 control software MAS930 on the PC, "Sequence setting" is performed according to the scenario of processing.
    The WCN of the vehicle is read using DSRC communication unit ME9115A/A+C and it's registered in ME9302 in advance.

  11. Capable of communication with external devices.
  12. Interface Box ME9302 has LAN and RS-232C as interfaces for communicating with external devices.

  13. It's also possible to transfer the read WCN directly to the external device.
  14. It's also possible to transfer that data to the external device after communicating with the ETC OBE to read WCN. In this case, pre-registration of WCN is unnecessary.

  15. ME9301V can adjust the transmission power
  16. The ME9301 has a fixed transmission power of 5mW.
    The ME9301V can change the transmission power in the range of 0.2 to 1.25mW(8dB variable width).


  1. Applications comparing with pre-registered WCN
  2. It can be used for applications that the following processing by comparing with WCN registered in advance after reading WCN of OBE is performed.

    • Parking lot management

      If it's installed at the entrance/exit point of the parking lot, the gate opens automatically when a registered vehicle comes close. Passing only permitted vehicles will be a security measure.

      Parking lot management
    • Area entrance vehicle management

      The admission of vehicles non-registered will be restricted at disaster areas and construction sites. Prevent entry of unnecessary vehicles so that prevent traffic jams or confusion at the site.

      Area entrance vehicle management
  3. Applications transferring the read WCN to external device
  4. It can be used for applications that transfers the read WCN to an external device after communicating with OBE and then performs the following processing on such as PC.

    • Traffic congestion survey

      The WCN of vehicles traveling on highways and national roads are detected at two points and the time between two points and traffic jam will be estimated from the passing time of the same vehicle.

      Traffic congestion survey
    • Vehicle movement management

      It's installed in major places in vast factory and automatically records passing vehicles. This allows to grasp the movement of the vehicle in the factory.

      Vehicle movement management


*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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