Electromagnetic Anechoic Box/Shielding box Small/Medium Size ME8662E/N

  • Photo:Electromagnetic Anechoic Box/Shielding box Small/Medium Size ME8662E/N
    • Suitable for evaluation of transmission or receiving characteristics of such compact wireless communication equipments as cellular phone, wireless LAN and ETC OBE.
    • Two models are available, namely, "ME8662N" dedicated to shield and "ME8662E" which is electromagnetic anechoic box type.


Model ME8662N ME8662E
Outside Dimensions 360(W)×166(H)×340(D)mm
(excluding projections)
(excluding projections)
Inside Dimensions 354(W)×129(H)×334(D)mm 293(W)×98.5(H)×273(D)mm
Weight approx.6.7kg approx.7.5kg
Structure Double structure of copper plate and aluminum plate Triple structure composed of radio wave absorber, copper plate and aluminum plate
Shielding Characteristics(typ) 55dB typ@2.4GHz 60dB type@2.4GHz
Reflection loss Nothing
  • approx.-11dB@1GHz
  • approx.-18dB@2GHz
  • approx.-24dB@5GHz
  • approx. less than -24dB @ more than 5GHz
Stud for fixed DUT table M3 (diameter3.0) × 4pcs (L=10 mm) M3 (diameter3.0) × 4pcs (L=10 mm)
Connectors SMA (2pcs), 9 pins D-sub connector (1pc) SMA (2pcs), 9 pins D-sub connector (1pc)


ME8662N Applications

  • Figure:ME8662N応用例

    It is necessary to shut out any external noise to take a high impedance measurement of parts. Low-price ME8662N is convenient for such an application.

    LCD voltage holding ratio measuring system MZ1800 is shown as a concrete case.

ME8662E Applications

  • Figure:ME8662E Applications

    Optimum for evaluation of transmission and receiving characteristics in coaxial cable connection of small-size wireless products such as cellular phones, wireless LAN, Bluetooth and OBE of ETC. As the interior is surrounded with a radio wave absorber, the test sample will not be affected by multipath produced by reflection.


Capable of changing or adding size, connector or function from / to above standard specifications.

  • Table for DUT
  • Turn table
  • Receiving antenna (Selection of optimum antenna suited for DUT)
  • Reference antenna (Selection of optimum antenna suited for DUT)
  • Door
  • Adding RF connectors
    • SMA connector
    • BNC connector(50ohm , 75ohm)
    • N connector
  • Adding multi pins connector
    • D-sub 9pin
    • D-sub 25pin
    • D-sub 50pin
  • Changing size
  • Changing shape
  • Selection of radio wave absorber
  • Others
    • LAN
    • AC input(100V-5A)
    • DC input(3A max)
    • Semi-rigid cables for dipole antenna


*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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