Correspondent to600MHz to millimeter wave. Radio wave absorption partition MY5505

  • 写真:Electromagnetic anechoic box (Shielding box) Special Type MY5505

    Electromagnetic anechoic box (Anechoic chamber) /Shield box Special Type MY5505

    • The partition designed to absorb and block interfering radio waves from the other side in radio wave evaluation and testing.
    • Since both sides face inward by 30°, the reflection of radio waves due to back lobes and side lobes is suppressed.
    • Flexible casters allow easy movement and installation.


  • my5505
  • Dimensions approx.1370(W)×1850(H)×700(D)mm
    (excluding projections)
    Weight approx.55kg
    (excluding weight plate)
    Material Alminium board
    Casters Flexible caster(with stopper)×4
    Other Eyebolt, protective cap (edge measures)


  1. Ideal for simple measurement for mobile phone, GPS, wireless LAN, 5G and millimeter wave.
  2. Casters for easy movement.
  3. Customizable according to required size and target frequency band.

The radio wave absorption partition (self-standing type) MY5505 is a movable partition used for performing radio wave tests in a relatively small room or space with the radio wave absorber attached to the frame. If a shield room or tent is already used , the reflection of radio waves inside can be further reduced. The target frequency is 600MHz or more. It can be used for various tests such as mobile phone, GPS, wireless LAN, 5G and millimeter wave.

Also, MY5505 can be customized according to the target frequency at the time of measurement. Furthermore, it can be provided according to the target test, size or jig equipment.



* MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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