Signal generator

Signal generator MSG700 Series

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    Now under development.

      MSG703 MSG706 MSG709
    Frequency range 10MHz to 3GHz 10MHz to 6GHz 10MHz to 9GHz
    SSB phase noise ≦-95dBc @20kHz offset
    Output level +10 to -70dBm@ALC on
    Sweep function List sweep, Step sweep
    Modulation function FSK(DC to 1MHz), PSK(0 to 360°)
    Interface USB(Device and Host), LAN
    • IQ modulation
    • High power output
    • Low power output
    • High stable time base
    • Software for making sweep waveform
    • Lineup by 3 models of 3GHz, 6GHz and  9GHz.
    • With vector signal generation function (IQ modulation option is needed)
    • Switching speed 100μs (ALC off)
    • Large color LCD screen (5.7 inches)
    • Low cost and high performance.
    • Suitable for development, production line  and school in wireless communication field.

Arbitrary & function synthesizer MFG206

  • Arbitrary & function synthesizer MFG206

    This product has been discontinued.

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