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Signal generator MSG700 Series

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    Frequency range 5MHz to 3GHz
    SSB phase noise <-95dBc/Hz @ 1 to 3GHz, 20kHz offset
    <-100dBc/Hz @ 5M to 1GHz, 20kHz offset
    Maximum output level <at ALC on>
    +14dBm @ 5MHz to <1.025GHz
    +13dBm @ 1.025 to <2.025GHz
    +11dBm @ 2.025 to <2.825GHz
    +10dBm @ 2.825 to 3GHz
    Kinds of sweep List sweep, Step sweep
    Kinds of modulation FSK modulation, PSK modulation, Amplitude modulation(AM)
    Interface USB device, USB host, LAN(1000BASE-T)
    • IQ modulator MIQ700
    • High stability timebase MSG700-03
    • IQ modulation signal output
    • Fast switching
    • The high accurate RF output level by ALC circuit (Auto Level Control circuit)
    • High accurate frequency and level output
    • Frequency and level setting by three ways
    • Abundant modulation functions
    • Phase offset function
    • Small size and lightweight
    • Sufficient interfaces
    • Large and color LCD display
    • Displaying sweep waveform and modulation waveform on the screen
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