• IQ vector generation function
    • Sufficient modulation and sweep functions


  1. IQ modulation signal output
    • 64QAM output

      64QAM output

      The IQ modulated signal is output by inputting such IQ signal as analog, digital or list data(USB memory and manual) in IQ modulator (option) from the outside.
  2. Fast switching
  3. The fast switching of 0.5μs at frequency (however, 1.5ms at 10N+3(MHz)(N: integer) point) and 200μs at level is possible. For command and external trigger receiving, both are 1.5ms (however, 3ms at frequency 10N+3(MHz)(N: integer) point).

  4. ALC function
  5. MSG703 ensures the high accurate RF output level by ALC circuit (Auto Level Control circuit).

  6. High accurate frequency and level output
  7. The frequency can be set at maximum 11 digits in 0.1Hz resolution. The accuracy of level is ± 0.6dB (excluding 625 to 725MHz and 1.176GHz) in "ALC on".

  8. Frequency and level setting by three ways
  9. Since frequency and level can be set by using ten key, rotary encoder and arrow key, the operability will increase dramatically.

  10. Abundant modulation functions
    • Spectrum waveform of FSK(PN15)

      Spectrum waveform of FSK(PN15)

      FSK and PSK of digital modulation, and AM of analog modulation are provided as standard. FSK and PSK have the register mode with fast transmission rate and the direct mode with generation of arbitrary modulation. In addition, the burst control is available.

      They can be used simultaneously with the sweep function. Frequency hopping is possible.

  11. Sufficient sweep functions
    • 掃引波形

      Sweep waveform

      MSG703 has the list sweep by arbitrary lists of frequency and level, and the step sweep at which frequency/level from the start until the stop is swept by specified step. Moreover, it is possible to control the sweep by the trigger signal, and there are four trigger modes of edge 1, edge 2, level 1 and level 2.

  12. Phase offset function
  13. The phase of the output signals of two MSG703 can be synchronized.

  14. Small size and lightweight
  15. Since MSG703 is portable size as 360 (W) × 160 (H) × 360 (D) mm and is lightweight as 8.5kg, it can be used easily anywhere and anytime.

  16. Sufficient interfaces
  17. USB host, USB device and LAN (1000BASE-T) are equipped as standard.

  18. Large and color LCD display
  19. The easy-to-read screen by 640 × 480 dots, 5.7 inches and color LCD.

  20. Displaying sweep waveform and modulation waveform on the screen
    • 掃引波形

      PSK modulation waveform

      Waveform of frequency or level sweep, and modulation waveform of FSK, PSK or AM are displayed on the screen.



Frequency range 5MHz to 3GHz
SSB phase noise <-95dBc/Hz @ 1 to 3GHz, 20kHz offset
<-100dBc/Hz @ 5M to 1GHz, 20kHz offset
Maximum output level <at ALC on>
+14dBm @ 5MHz to <1.025GHz
+13dBm @ 1.025 to <2.025GHz
+11dBm @ 2.025 to <2.825GHz
+10dBm @ 2.825 to 3GHz
Kinds of sweep List sweep, Step sweep
Kinds of modulation FSK modulation, PSK modulation, Amplitude modulation(AM)
Interface USB device, USB host, LAN(1000BASE-T)
  • IQ modulator MIQ700
  • High stability timebase MSG700-03


IQ modulator MIQ700

  • 写真:IQ変調器 MIQ700

    IQ modulator MIQ700

    • IQ vector signal generator
    • IQ signals are three kinds of external analog, external digital and list data.
    • EVM of 1.3%

    *Factory option

High stability timebase MSG700-03

  • Uses high stability OCXO (oven-controlled crystal oscillator) .
  • Excellent temperature stability and aging rate

* Factory option

Temperature stability <±10ppb @ 0 to 50°C
Aging rate <±1ppb/day


*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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