Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA438E

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    Spectrum Analyzer MSA400 Series download

    • Compact, lightweight and low price!
    • This handheld spectrum analyzer has performance and the function that are by no means inferior to a large-scale bench type.
    • EMI measurement function is added


  1. Measurement Frequency
  2. 50kHz to 3.3GHz

  3. Applications
  4. Cellular phone, 2.4GHz wireless LAN, 2.5GHz WiMAX, RF-ID, Broadcasting

  5. Average Noise Level
    • Average Noise Level:-127dBm@1GHz
    • Sweep Mode:-117dBm@cf 1GHz,RBW 3kHz
  6. EMI Measurement
  7. Radiated and conducted emission measurement

  8. Detection
  9. PosPK(positive peak), QP(quasi-peak), AV(average)

  10. Resolution bandwidth(6dB)
  11. 9kHz, 120kHz, 1MHz

  12. Measurement of noise on printed circuit board
  13. Magnetic field probe CP-2SA is used to measure the noise on a print circuit board connecting to the spectrum analyzer.

*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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