Handheld signal analyzer MSA538TG

  • Photo:Handheld Signal Analyzer MSA500 Series

    Handheld Signal Analyzer MSA500 Series download

    • The world's first handheld signal analyzer with REAL TIME plus SWEEP system!
    • With Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and conventional sweep systems, each strong point of both systems is usable.
    • Tracking Generator is added.


  1. Real Time Mode
  2. In real time system, the spectrum which occurs in an instant won't be missed. It is optimum for analyzing a noise and a transitional phenomenon.

    • 8 kinds of analyses
      Spectrum, Spectrogram, OverWrite, Time domain analyses(5 kinds)
    • 20MHz SPAN maximum
    • Fast OverWrite analysis of 720 frames/sec
    • Large memory of 16K frames and high speed USB communication of 19ms/sec.
  3. Measurement Frequency
  4. 20kHz to 3.3GHz

  5. Sweep Mode
  6. 300Hz RBW minimum

  7. Average Noise Level
    • Average Noise Level:-162dBm/Hz
    • Real Time Mode:-140dBm@cf1GHz,span 20kHz
    • Sweep Mode:-129dBm@cf 1GHz,RBW 300Hz
  8. Built-in TG from 5MHz to 3.3GHz
  9. Tracking Generator added to MSA538 enables the measurement and evaluation of amplitude frequency characteristics of filter, amplifier, electronic parts or circuit.


    • DTF Adapter MA430
      The distance to discontinuity point of a cable and the length of a normal cable can be measured.
    • VSWR Bridge MVS300B
      Return loss of electronic parts or circuit can be measured.

*MICRONIX Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, specification and other information without prior notice.

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