Handheld Spectrum Analyzer/Handheld signal analyzer Option

MSA 300 series and accessories will be discontinued. Click here for more details.


PC Software MAS300/400/500

  • Photo:PC Software MAS300/400/500

    MAS300/400/500 is a software that controls the spectrum analyzer and signal analyzer by the PC and displays the spectrum waveform on PC screen.

    • MAS300:For MSA300 series *Discontinued product.
    • MAS400:For MSA400 series
    • MAS500:For MSA500 series

Logging software MAS310/410/510

  • Photo:Logging software MAS310/410/510

    MAS310/410/510 is a logging software that collects the measurement data by uninhabited. It is optimum for watching an abnormal signal at night and recording the data by uninhabited for a long time.

    • MAS310:For MSA300 series *Discontinued product.
    • MAS410:For MSA400 series
    • MAS510:For MSA500 series


DTF Adapter MA430

  • Photo:DTF adapter MA430

    DTF adapter MA430

    The distance to discontinuity point of a cable and the length of a normal cable can be measured.

    Distance range ・0.3 to 1,000 meters @50Ω cable
    ・1 to 400 meters @75Ω cable
    Cable characteristics list ・111 types of cables @50Ω cable
    ・11 types of cables @75Ω cable
    Applied model MSA438TG/538TG

VSWR Bridge

VSWR Bridge MVS300B

  • Photo:VSWR Bridge MVS300B

    Return loss of electronic parts or circuit can be measured.

    Frequency range 5 to 3000MHz
    Directivity ・more than 40dB @50 to 3000MHz more than 25dB @5 to 50MHz
    ・more than 25dB @5 to 50MHz
    Insertion loss ・less than 7dB @SOURCE to DUT
    ・less than 8dB @DUT to REFLECTED
    Applied model MSA338TG/438TG/538TG


Portable antenna

  • Photo:Portable antenna

    Portable antenna

    Each nine kinds of antennas M301 to M309 / M401 to M407 cover the frequency band from 300MHz to 6.2GHz.
    Connectors: SMA(P)@M300, N(P)@M400

    Model Frequency range
    M301/401 0.8 to 1GHz
    M302/402 1.25 to 1.65GHz
    M303/403 1.7 to 2.2GHz
    M304/404 2.25 to 2.65GHz
    M305/405 300 to 500MHz
    M306/406 4.8 to 6.2GHz
    M307/407 470 to 770MHz
    M308 3.6 to 4.2GHz  
    M309 4.4 to 4.9GHz

Loop Antenna MAN120

  • Photo:Loop Antenna MAN120

    Loop Antenna MAN120

    Antenna suitable for detection of low frequency signal and noise.

    Frequency range 50kHz to 33MHz
    Connectors N(P)
    Impedance 50Ω
    Dimensions 420(φ)×13(T)mm
    Weight approx. 1.2kg

Biconical Antenna MAN150/MAN150B

  • Photo:Biconical Antenna MAN150

    Biconical Antenna MAN150

    Suitable for simplified measurement of radiated emissions.

    Mode MAN150 MAN150B
    Frequency range 20MHz to 3GHz 30MHz to 1GHz
    Gain -45dBi to +1dBi(nominal) -31dBi to +1dBi(nominal)
    Antenna factor 20 to 51dB/m 17 to 31dB/m
    Max. transmission power 1W 1W
    Connector SMA(J) SMA(J)
    Dimensions 350(L)x160(W)x140(D)mm 540(L)x225(W)x225(D)mm
    Weight approx.350g approx.1150g


Low Noise Amplifier MAP301/302

  • Photo:Low Noise Amplifier MAP301/302

    Low Noise Amplifier MAP301/302

    Optimum for emission noise measurement.

    Items MAP301 MAP302
    Frequency range 100kHz to 500MHz 20MHz to 3GHz
    Gain 50dB 20dB
    Noise figure 3.5dB 3.5dB

Frequency Counter (factory option)

Items Specifications
Frequency range

・1MHz to 3.3GHz@MSA338/438/338TG/438TG/338E/438E

・1MHz to 8.5GHz@MSA358/458

Measured level

・+10 to -70dBm@1MHz to 2GHz, RBW100kHz

・+10 to -60dBm@2 to 8.5GHz, RBW100kHz

Measurement resolution 100Hz
Display digits 8 digits max
Reference x'tal ・Accuracy:±2ppm@23℃
・Temp.characteristics:±5ppm@0 to 40℃
Applied model MSA300/400 Series


Magnetic Field Probe MMP500

  • 写真:Magnetic Field Probe MMP500Magnetic Field Probe MMP500

    Conducted disturbance noise measurement up to 9kHz low frequency.
    Using this measurement system, it is possible to measure the conducted disturbance noise of the power supply line without electrical contact and without using LISN. In addition, the disturbance noise on PCB can be measured without contact. Optimum for measuring power electronics equipment used in such as automotive industry.

    Frequency range 9kHz to 100MHz
    Maximum measurement level 117dBμV
    Applied model MSA538E, MSA558E

Magnetic Field Probe CP-2SA

  • Photo:Magnetic Field Probe CP-2SA

    The CP-2SA is used to measure the noise on a print circuit board connecting to the spectrum analyzer for EMI MSA338E/MSA438E/MSA538E/MSA558E.

    Frequency range 10MHz to 3GHz
    Space resolution approx.0.25mm(depending on objects)
    Applied model MSA300/400/500 Series

Wide Band Passive Probe MP300

  • Photo:Wide Band Passive Probe MP300

    Wide Band Passive Probe MP300

    MP300 is a passive probe with low input capacitance and wide frequency band. It should be connected to the instrument with 50Ω input.

    Frequency range DC to 6GHz
    Attenuation 10 : 1±2%
    Input resistance 500Ω±2%
    Input capacitance 0.25pF (typ)
    Applied model MSA300/400/500 Series


Ni-MH Battery MB300

  • Photo:Ni-MH Battery MB300


    *Discontinued product.

    Applied model MSA300 Series

Lithium-ion Battery MB400

  • Photo:Lithium-ion Battery MB400


    Applied model MSA400/500 Series

Charger MBC300

  • Photo:Charger MBC300

    AC adaptor MA300 which is a standard accessory of spectrum analyzer MSA300 series is used for power source of this charger.

    *Discontinued product.

    Input voltage DC5V ±0.25V
    Input current 4Amax
    Charging time roughly two hours
    Applied model MSA300 Series


  • Photo:Printer

    The printer for carrying out the hard copy of the screen.

    Interface ・RS-232C @MSA300 Series *Discontinued product.
    ・USB @MSA400/500 Series
    Printing method Thermal line dot method
    Paper 80mm width thermal paper
    Power source ・internal:AA-sized alkaline battery (4 pcs)
    ・external:7.5VDC/3A (dedicated AC adapter)
    Applied model MSA300/400/500 Series


RS-232C/GP-IB Converter ZS-6144TM

  • Photo:RS-232C/GP-IB Converter ZS-6144TM

    It is possible to use the spectrum analyzer as an instrument with GP-IB interface. The data transfer can be performed not related to GP-IB state because RS-232C side is equipped with full duplex mode and buffer memory.

    *Discontinued product.

    Buffer memory capacity 8K bytes(both of input/output)
    Dimensions 130(W)×40(H)×200(D)mm
    Applied model MSA300 Series


RS-232C Cable MI180

  • Photo:RS-232C Cable MI180

    *Discontinued product.

    Connectors D-sub 9pinss
    Length 1.5m
    Applied model MSA300 Series

USB Cable MI400

  • Photo:USB Cable MI400
    Connectors A plug/B plug
    Length 1.5m
    Applied model MSA400/500 Series

Coaxial Parts

Coaxial Attenuator MG-XXdB

  • Photo:Coaxial Attenuator MG-XXdB

*Connectors, Impedance:SMA(P)/SMA(J), 50Ω

Model Attenuation error VSWR Rated power
DC to 12.4GHz 12.4GHz to 18GHz
MG-1dB, 2dB, 3dB, 4dB <±0.5dB <±1dB <1.15@DC to 4GHz
<1.2@4 to 12.4GHz
<1.3@12.4 to 18GHz
MG-5dB, 6dB, 7dB, 8dB <±0.7dB <±1.2dB
MG-9dB, 10dB, 12dB, 13dB <±1.0dB <±1.25dB
MG-14dB, 15dB, 20dB <±1.2dB <±1.3dB
MG-30dB <±1.2dB@DC to 8GHz <1.2@DC to 8GHz

Terminator MG-50S/-50N

  • Photo:Terminator MG-50S/-50N


Model Frequency range VSWR Rated power Connectors
DC to 4GHz 4 to 8GHz 8 to 12.4GHz 12.4 to 18GHz
MG-50S DC to 18GHz <1.08 <1.10 <1.15 <1.20 0.25W SMA(P)
MG-50N DC to 8GHz <1.2@DC to 8GHz 2W N(P)

Coaxial Cable

  • Photo:Coaxial Cable


Model Connectors Length Frequency range
MC102 SMA(P)/BNC(P) 1.5m DC to 2GHz
MC201 SMA(P)/SMA(P) 0.5m DC to 18.5GHz
MC202 SMA(P)/SMA(P) 3m DC to 18.5GHz
MC203 SMA(P)/SMA(P) 4m DC to 18.5GHz
MC204 SMA(P)/SMA(P) 1.5m DC to 18.5GHz
MC301 SMA(P)/SMA(P) 0.5m DC to 10GHz
MC302 SMA(P)/SMA(P) 1m DC to 10GHz
MC303 SMA(P)/SMA(P) 1.5m DC to 10GHz
MC304 SMA(P)/N(J) 0.2m DC to 4GHz
MC305 SMA(P)/N(P) 0.2m DC to 4GHz
MC306 SMA(P)/BNC(J) 0.2m DC to 2GHz
MC307 SMA(P)/BNC(P) 0.2m DC to 2GHz
MC308 N(P)/N(P) 0.5m DC to 10GHz
MC309 N(P)/N(P) 1m DC to 10GHz
MC310 N(P)/N(P) 1.5m DC to 10GHz
MC311 N(P)/SMA(J) 0.2m DC to 10GHz
MC312 N(P)/BNC(J) 0.2m DC to 2GHz
MC313 N(P)/BNC(P) 0.2m DC to 2GHz
MC314 BNC(P)/BNC(P) 1.5m DC to 2GHz


Model Connectors Impedance Frequency range
MA301 BNC(P)/BNC(J) 50Ω/75Ω DC to 2GHz
MA302 BNC(P)/N(J) 75Ω/75Ω DC to 1.8GHz
MA303 BNC(P)/N(P) 75Ω/75Ω DC to 1.8GHz
MA304 BNC(P)/F(J) 75Ω/75Ω DC to 1.8GHz
MA305 BNC(P)/F(P) 75Ω/75Ω DC to 1.8GHz
MA306 N(P)/SMA(J) 50Ω/50Ω DC to 12.4GHz
MA307 N(P)/BNC(J) 50Ω/50Ω DC to 2GHz
MA308 N(P)/BNC(J) 50Ω/75Ω DC to 2GHz
MA309 N(J)/BNC(P) 50Ω/50Ω DC to 2GHz



  • Briefcase

    Can be stored together with spectrum analyzer, AC adapter, antenna etc.

    Outside Dimensions approx.460(W)x150(H)x350(D)mm
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