Handheld Signal Analyzer (Sweep plus Real Time Spectrum Analyzer)

What's spectrum analyzer?

Basic instruments for signal observation


Appeal points of MSA500 (1/2)

  1. Offering conventional sweep system and real tim e system based on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
    • By using the strong point of each system, the appli cation range spreads markedly.
    • The world’s first handheld signal analyzer with two systems.
  2. Four analysis functions in real time system
    • Spectrum analysis
    • Spectrogram analysis
    • OverWrite analysis
    • Time domain analysis・・・ Power vs Time・Frequency vs Time・Phase vs Time・IQ vs Time・Q vs I
  3. Powerful trigger function (real time system)
    • Channel power trigger
    • Power trigger
    • IF level trigger
    • External trigger
  4. Measurement and data collection in field
    • Compact 162(W) x 71(H) x 265(D)mm
    • Lightweight 1.8kg (including battery)
    • Four-hour battery operation
    • Storage into USB memory
  5. Minimization of analog circuit, low power consumption design and digital circuit by FPGA
    • Solving heat problem
    • Four-hour battery operation
    • Compact and Lightweight
  6. FFT operation speed for about 1 ms per screen (1 024 points)
    • Achieved by a digital signal processing circuit and DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
  7. The simultaneous development of the five models according to frequency bands and applications.
    • Reduction of development cost
    • Expansion of application
  8. Low price
    • JPY 748,000 to 1,300,000 (5 models)
    • Competitor (Sweep + Real time model) → Bench top (Handheld doesn’t exist.
      • Rohde & Schwarz : FSVR7 JPY 6,473,000
      • Agilent : N9030A PXA+RT1 JPY 5,858,000

Sweep system and Real time system

Strong and weak points of real time system and sweep system

Real time system

Sweep system

Applications of real time system

Products introduction

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