Inspection of heat ray reflection glass

There often are cases where heat ray reflection glass is used for the windshield among cars produced outside of Japan and older cars. In such a case, the installing work is completely wasted if a test is conducted with ME8800E after completion of wiring work.

Therefore, it is recommended that an advance check shall be implemented by the method indicated below before installing work.

Pre-check method

Place the ETC OBE to be installed on the dashboard. Fasten the + V wire and GND wire of the power cable coming out of the ETC OBE with alligator clips, and insert the cigarette connector to the cigarette lighter socket. The ACC wire is added to ETC OBE of some kind. In such a case, connect the ACC wire and +V wire together, and fasten them together with an alligator clip.

Conduct a test in this state with ME8800E spaced apart from the ETC OBE by 1 meter. If the windshield is heat ray reflection glass, communication cannot be performed and "FAIL" is indicated.

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