Build wireless evaluation environment of Bluetooth device

Using anechoic box, the wireless system evaluation environment such as Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless information teminals is provided.


Recently, information devices using 2.4GHz band including Wi-Fi have been increasing. When evaluating wireless system of Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless information terminal, it is necessary to be separated from the unnecessary wave traveling around to avoid the interference. By use of the anechoic / shield box, it is possible to cut off the unnecessary interference wave and to be evaluated in a stable environment。


  1. For evaluation at development and design:
    • The radio wave radiated from EUT placed on turntable is received with the antenna installed in the opposite side.
    • By connecting such instruments as spectrum analyzer and power meter, the transmission characteristics can be evaluated.
    Figure:Connection example
  2. For production facility and quality evaluation:
    • Communicating between radio terminal and radio dongle, the connection test is performed.
    • Using a measurement control software provided to the terminal, the confirming tests such as packet error, throughput and receiving level are performed.
    Figure:Connection example

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