Conducted emission measurement based on CISPR standard

Using LISN and spectrum analyzer for EMI, the conducted emission (noise terminal voltage) measurement is realized at low cost and easily.


Connection block diagram


[System configuration]

The tool which can realize conducted emission noise measurement easily is supplied at low cost.

Spectrum analyzer for EMI [MSA438E]/Lithium-ion battery [MB400]
MSA438E calibration set
PC software for EMI[MAS430]/USBcables[MI400]
LISN[MPW201B] *150kHz to 30MHz
Noise cut transformer *1.5kVA
Connection cables N => BNCcables[MC102+MA306]


  • Magnetic field probe CP-2S(10MH to 3GHz)
  • Magnetic field probe MP-10L(150kHz to 1GHz)
  • Loop antenna MLA101(10kHz to 30MHz)
  • Ground plane 2m x 2m/ground wire
  • Wooden table

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