Simplified EMI Radiation noise measurement system

Readily measurement system for EMI radiation noise [300MHz〜1GHz]


Anechoic test chamber is used for testing EMI emission measurement. Generally, using approved EMI test site in all processes measuring noise waste high charge and amount of time. Our system make it possible to debug for EMI test before runnning compliance test in advance.

When by absolute comparison of correlation between this system and formal anechoic room at measuring in near field distance, its coincidence are less than perfect. but this system will enable to figure out noise reduction of implemented DUT qualitatively. Also, using our spectrum analyzer with EMI software MAS430 enable detect automatically PK value and AV, QP.


System diagram

Simplified EMI Radiation noise measurement system

[System configuration]

EMI用Spectrum Analyzer [MSA438E] x 1
Lithium-ion battery[MB400] x 1
MSA438E calibration set x 1
EMI software[MAS430] x 1
USBcables [MI400] x 1
SMA => N coaxial cable 1.5m [MC204-MA306] x 1
Electromagnetic anechoic box [MY1530] x 1
Turntable [MT103] x 1
Interface module [IFM2] x 1
Interface module [IFM4] x 1
Biconical Antenna [MAN150] x 1
Antenna Stand x 1
SMA cables x 1

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